New OBX Drone Photos - Spring 2019

Took the drone up again. Still trying to figure out how to fly it, and what makes for an impactful photo. View this post on Instagram Duck drone time... . . . . . #fromwhereidrone #dronestagram #dronephotography #droneoftheday

Drone Photos on the Outer Banks

Spent some time with the DJI Spark, learning what makes for an interesting photo View this post on Instagram Sunrise, with umbrella. #fromwhereidrone #dronestagram #dronephotography #droneoftheday #drone #dji #djispark A post shared by

I'm Joining the Band at Sonos

I've been a big fan of Sonos and their products for almost a decade now, and have long admired the thought and care that they put in to crafting an excellent experience for

Garage Door Sensor with Particle Photons

Another guest post, this time from my oldest son, who is considering an engineering major in college. Introduction For my first real engineering project, I made a garage door sensor. I chose to

Voice Control for the Sonos with an Echo

Note: I had a lot of fun building this project, and there's still a lot of good stuff in this post, but if you really want to try doing your own Sonos/Alexa