Tinkerbots - This Looks Great

So I've been struggling a bit lately on how to get my younger kids into STEM subjects. They're drawn to gizmos, obviously (I AM their dad, after all), but I want them to want to make. To build things, and experience the thrill of creating. That's a lot easier said than done, as there isn't a whole lot out there that teaches kids without them knowing their being taught.

I saw on Techcrunch today a plug for TinkerBots, a super cool looking Arduino-based robots set. Their Indigogo page can describe it better than I can, so check that out. Imagine the possibilities, though. Since this thing is Arduino-based, I can easily see APIs being built, and entire programming platforms springing up. The kids will start building simple, wiggly robots, and before they know what's happened, they're wiring them up to Salesforce1.