The Ultimate Sonos, IFTTT, Echo, and LCP Hack

The Ultimate Sonos, IFTTT, Echo, and LCP Hack

What I'm presenting here is really the culmination of my work in building hacks for the Sonos and other devices over the past year. I'll be combining my work with IFTTT, Sonos, Launch Center Pro, Raspberry Pi, and adding a new element, the Amazon Echo. This is kind of like an Avengers of my hacks.


The goal here is to provide an API for the new Amazon Echo, which is a really cool device. Currently, though, it's a pretty closed system. I'm aiming to change that. First, a high level overview of my proposed architecture:

As you can see, the user, while standing directly next to the Echo, uses Launch Center Pro to send a command to IFTTT, triggering a recipe that talks to my hacked Wordpress RPC listening on a Raspberry Pi. The Pi then talks to the Sonos, telling it to speak a command. Then, and this is the really amazing part of the hack, ACTUAL SOUND WAVES travel from the Sonos, and are picked up by the Echo, resulting in the Echo executing the enunciated command.

I know all this sounds too fantatical to be true, but here it is, on video:

Wrap Up

I plan to really round out this innovate API for the Echo, and am already imaging a lot of great use cases.

Usually I provide links to github repos and the like, to help folks implement my hacks themselves. This time, though, I'm not going to release any code, as this is clearly a productizable hack, and I plan to make a lot of money from it.