Hacks to make Sonos even more awesome.

Saving Christmas with

Christmas decorations are going up around the house, which means it's time for me to regularly forget to keep the Christmas tree watered. I've tried every kind of reminder/nagging app there is,

Launch Center Pro to Sonos, via IFTTT

Following up on my previous Sonos article, I was excited to see that Launch Center Pro (LCP), an app to launch actions and apps on iOS devices, has released a new version whose

This Sonos Goes to Eleven

I'll admit this right up front: this hack is purely gratuitous. My other Sonos hacks had at least a whiff of actual utility about them, but this one is solely a “just because

Adding Songs to Your Sonos Queue via SMS

A couple weeks ago, we had some folks were over and, as usual, we ended up listening to music on my Sonos system. Since I was the only person with a Sonos controller