Keeping Track of your Contacts' Musical Tastes with Rdio and OneStarter

I really wanted to give Josh Birk's OneStarter a quick try, to kind of kick the tires before I start using it in client apps. It took me a while to come up with a fun project to try it on, then I thought of showing a Salesforce contact's musical tastes in Salesforce1. So I hooked up to the Rdio API and made a neat little album art carousel Publisher Action. Check it out:

As you can see, you can launch the Rdio app right from Salesforce1, straight to a specific album, assuming you have the app installed. This also works on the desktop browser.

onestarterAll of this keys off the contact's email address. I had originally wanted to look at Spotify, Beats, and, in addition to Rdio, but the Rdio API was the only one that provided the ability to search users.

I had planed on this being a Mobile Card, but the carousel swiping was getting preempted by the Salesforce1 Mobile Card swiping, so Publisher Action it is. The source isn't that interesting, but let me know if you want it, and I'll put it on Github. OK, I've put the source for the single VF page, along with some instructions, in a gist on github.

I found OneStarter to be a great jumping-off point for getting your mobile apps/cards/actions to be visually consistent with Salesforce1. I look forward to seeing where Josh takes it.