Create Scope Variables in the View in AngularJS

I've been working on a fairly complex, data-manipulation-centric Angular app for the past couple weeks, and recently came upon a technique that, as far as I can tell, isn't well documented anywhere. You

This Sonos Goes to Eleven

I'll admit this right up front: this hack is purely gratuitous. My other Sonos hacks had at least a whiff of actual utility about them, but this one is solely a “just because

Adding Songs to Your Sonos Queue via SMS

A couple weeks ago, we had some folks were over and, as usual, we ended up listening to music on my Sonos system. Since I was the only person with a Sonos controller

Deep Linking into the Salesforce1 Mobile App

Update 1/2015: Salesforce has released official support for URL schemes in the Salesforce1 mobile app. Update: Per Salesforce Support's comment below, this is not an officially supported technique. In other words, this