Going Wide with Moment Lens for iPhone

"The best camera is the one you have you with you." True enough, and an iPhone is a pretty good camera in its own right. There's nothing saying it can't be made a

A Mood Ring for Sonos, Courtesy of Hue

I've had a lot of fun with my Sonos system, doing all kinds of neat things to control my speakers. I've even done some things to work with the actual music output. This

The Ultimate Sonos, IFTTT, Echo, and LCP Hack

What I'm presenting here is really the culmination of my work in building hacks for the Sonos and other devices over the past year. I'll be combining my work with IFTTT, Sonos, Launch

RFID Jukebox with a Spark Core and Sonos

Yeah, another Sonos hack. I just can't stay away. This time, I was inspired by one of the coolest hacks I've ever seen to create a super simple method for my 5 year

Switching from Wordpress to Ghost

Over the holidays, I started the process of moving my blog from a self-hosted Wordpress site to a nice, shiny new Ghost one. Having finally wrapped up the process this weekend, I thought