"The best camera is the one you have you with you." True enough, and an iPhone is a pretty good camera in its own right. There's nothing saying it can't be made a little better, though. Moment lenses help do just that.

Moment sells both a wide angle, 18mm lens, and a tele, 60mm lens. I bought and am fond of both, but find myself using the wide a lot more.

Occoneechee Mountain

When I bought the lenses, I was mostly interested in the tele, given the fact that the iPhone is not a great camera for getting more close up shots. I wanted to use it to grab shots of my sons playing basketball, or maybe the occasional serendipitous nature shot.

What I found was that what I once considered pretty wide in the bare iPhone lens was actually pretty middle of the road. I suspect this is no accident, and that the folks at Apple worked hard to find a nice medium. The wide Moment lens, therefor, has been a revelation. Shots that I had subconsciously ruled out as unattainable without my 10mm DSLR lens are now in play. I've been having a ball.

Snow in the Yard

I actually find myself using the tele a bit less than I anticipated. Because the bare iPhone lens is on the wider side, even the 2x magnification provided by the tele doesn't give me huge reach. Don't get me wrong, it's a great lens, and has been a big boost to my "out and about" photography, but whereas I bought these lenses specifically for the tele, that lens has taken a back seat to the magnificent wide.

Johnston Mill Nature Preserve

I'm not qualified enough to analyze these lenses too technically, but from my limited amount of pixel-peeping, I agree with the Moment marketing folks that there's very little chromatic aberration, even at the edges, and that distortion is minimal, given how wide the lens is.

The lenses are attached to the phone via a mounting plate that is permanently affixed to your phone. This is, honestly, kind of the weakest link to the system. The bayonet attachment mechanism is solid, and feels really high-quality, but the need to have the plate attached to your phone all the time is a bit of a downer. As it turns out, though, I've recently started using a case, given how slippery the iPhone 6 feels, and the mounting plates for Moment lenses are easily small enough to fit under all but the most snug case. So the plate has been a non-issue for me.

Each lens can be had for $99 from the Moment site, and each comes with a mounting plate specifically for your phone model.

I honestly can't recommend these lenses highly enough. Particularly with the wide lens, I'm attempting photographs with my phone that I would not have imagined a few months ago.